EHL Group join Australian Ocean Energy Group (AOEG)

Australian ocean energy has an important role to play in solving the global climate problem.

Ocean energy is a clean and almost infinite resource that can be harnessed in harmony with the natural environment. Australian Ocean Energy Group is an industry-led cluster, formed to develop markets for ocean energy and facilitate collaboration throughout the wave and tidal energy industry.

EHL Group continue our mission of  Contributing to a more sustainable Australia and the world

EHL Group’s AZURA Ocean Wave Technology is now part of the Australian Ocean Energy Group. AOEG is an industry-led cluster that facilitates collaboration amongst the ocean energy industry to create significant value for Australia.

Partners include leading energy organisations, Australian research institutions, innovators and SMEs across Australia and the world.

AZURA will form part of the collaborative focus of the AOEG as we seek to accelerate the commercialisation of Australia’s ocean energy as the next frontier in low carbon generating capacity, and add ocean energy to Australia’s energy resource mix. AZURA’s technology has successfully completed multiple prototype testing and ocean deployments and is ready for commercialisation. Investment and linkage partners are invited to contact EHL Group for more information on this unique Australian and New Zealand designed and made green energy generation and potable water production system.

Investor Contact:

The ocean’s vast resource potential could have an incredible impact for industries, communities and homes. So, we’re striving to fast-track market demand for ocean energy projects across Australia — working towards a smarter future, together.

Australian Ocean Energy Group and EHL want Australia and New Zealand to become what they should be: a global leader in renewable energy and a provider of sustainable benefits for our country, businesses and people.



Our mission is to accelerate commercialisation of Australia’s ocean energy as the next frontier in low carbon generating capacity, and add ocean energy to Australia’s energy resource mix.

We accomplish this through the following goals:

Increase collaboration

We work together to strengthen partnerships — leading to collaborative projects amongst diverse organisations and other industrial sectors — to accelerate development of ocean energy projects in Australia.

Apply innovation

We help translate good ideas that lead to value for the industry. We collaborate on new ways to reduce the time from concept to commercialisation, and overcome barriers for ocean energy development projects.

Expand market opportunities

We provide a platform for business-to-business, industry-to-industry, and cluster-to-cluster collaborations — extending the global reach for AOEG partners. Ocean energy has synergies with offshore oil and gas, subsea sectors, defence, maritime operations, and island communities.

Engage with government

Our work aims to educate, engage, and gain policy and regulatory support for ocean energy development and its role in the country’s renewable energy portfolio.

Inform and connect

We help accelerate innovation in the ocean energy sector through assertive communication and engagement. We generate a broad base of stakeholder support for ocean energy development, while expanding active involvement in the cluster.

Reduce costs and increase efficiencies

We reduce costs and increase efficiencies through shared resources, expanded program engagements amongst all participants, and focused knowledge transfer.

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