Hose Testing

Gas hose test systems
These systems test your tubes under gas pressure. The device uses an air-powered gas booster to apply a pressure of up to 1,400 bar. The Resato hose test systems have a modular design. You can choose to combine a single test housing with a high-pressure unit. Combining multiple systems increases safety. An operator can then check the test from a distance, because the test housing can be placed in a different room.
Hydrostatic hose test systems
Our hydrostatic hose test systems are designed to test your hoses under the pressure of a liquid. The all-in-one systems can exert a pressure of up to 7,000 bar. This way you can prove the quality and safety of your hoses. You test safely, because systems only allow pressure tests in a closed area. You can also choose to expand the operator with a test housing.

Available NZ Only

Testing your hoses can include identifying possible production flaws or determining the reliability of the hose. Testing a hose can done in a mobile or fixed test system. The type of system used may vary depending on the type of hose in use. In the hose industry hose differences are distinguished between hoses used for liquids and hoses used for gases. Hose testing system can have a wide range of test pressures with the pressure able to be read accurately over the entire test range. Due to our variety of options, we can adapt systems to meet your application.

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