Pressure Gauges, Thermometers, Digital Testing Equipment

EHL Group are the exclusive partner of , the only remaining local producer / manufacturer of pressure gauges. EHL have a broad range of PRESSURE, TEMPERATURE, and TEST gauges in digital and analogue. Also ask about the ability to customise a product to suit your application.Floyd Instruments

Pressure Gauges

 Pressure gauges are manufactured in many configurations and sizes from 50mm up to 300mm dial size in ranges of 2.5 kPa up to 100,000kPa with brass or stainless steel wetted parts.

Scales can be offered in units of kPa, psi (lb/in2), bar mwg, ftwg, inwg, mmwg, inHg, cmHg, mmHg, KG/cm2, KN, Ton, Tonne, refrigerant, ammonia, vacuum, dual scales and other. Gauge connections can be offered as standard BSPP, BSPT or NPT.


Industrial thermometers have many uses within  Australian and New Zealand industries, especially around food and beverage, due to the non-toxic filling fluid. The standard materials of construction are a black steel case with copper sensing bulb and capillary when required.

For harsh environmental conditions they can be supplied in a 304 stainless steel case which can be offered dry or glycerine filled to help protect against vibration, these also can be fitted with 316 stainless steel capillary and sensing bulbs when used in corrosive applications.

Pressure & Level

Our wide range of pressure and level transmitters for many industries in “All Stainless” design, including a stainless steel electronic housing are designed for use in  the food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries .

The range includes pressure- and level transmitters with “hygienic ” process connections, according to EHEDG and 3A. Both the conventional (Series 8000-SAN) and “intelligent” transmitters (Series 2000/SAN) are available with many different process connections, like tri/clamp, varivent, DRD, milkcoupling, IDF etc

Digital Test Equipment

The performance, construction, and distinctive design of the XP2i sets it apart from any other pressure gauge you have ever seen. Lighter and easier to use than a deadweight tester, and more rugged than any mechanical pressure gauge, the XP2i is used every day throughout the world: in workshops, calibration laboratories, and on offshore platforms.

Servicing & SupportPressure gauges and switches are among the most often used instruments in a plant. But because of their great numbers, attention to maintenance and reliability can be compromised. As a consequence, it is not uncommon in older plants especially to see many gauges and switches out of service. This is unfortunate because, if a plant is operated with a failed pressure switch, the safety of the plant may be compromised Choose EHL GROUP for instrument calibration, service, and repair.

EHL Group’s commitment to service and support covers everything from in-house maintenance & repairs to preventative maintenance programs which are tailored to our customers requirements.
At EHL we provide a high-quality after-sales service & repair of all our Industrial Instrumentation products we offer comprising:

  • Servicing
  • Repairs
  • Calibration
  • Preventative maintenance programs

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