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Here at EHL Group we are passionate not only about our business, products and clients, but also about the areas in which we do business. It’s about being part of something bigger, supporting local organisations, individuals, and other companies to be the best they can be and complement what you, as a company, may also be undertaking.

In this vain we discovered BeGin Distilling Ltd of New Plymouth, New Zealand. What captured our attention was the overall Vison and Ethos of husband and wife team Jo and Dave James. This wholistic approach to their product reflects utilising local companies in the support of both infrastructure and in the facilitation of local unique or required botanicals to give Juno its brilliant aromatics and taste.

Jo and Dave believe the key to the perfect gin is the quality of the ingredients. From their extra neutral spirit, thrice distilled, to the robust juniper and golden coriander, only the best is selected. And for pure perfection, the water comes from Mt Taranaki. Juno Extra Fine Gin has Juniper at its heart with coriander bringing warmth and a hint of lemon.

Other key botanicals include Orris Root, Kaffir Lime leaves, Green Cardamom, Angelica Root, Manuka and Cassia Bark.

Jo and Dave are working with New Zealand horticulturalists and researchers to sustainably grow and harvest all our botanical ingredients, establishing new crops for future growth


The Juno team has a strong commitment to sustainability and local collaboration and have firmly integrated this into their business processes.

During the Still design phase, they worked with local engineering team, Rivet (known for their work on the landmark exterior of the Len Lye Centre in New Plymouth) to create a Copper Still that minimised waste production and where waste generation was unavoidable, included handling systems to allow recycling of by-products into other industries. Rivet collaborated in the design and build of a unique solution in creating “Leila” to be the heart of the production process. This collaborative approach between local companies to come up with a world class solution is what drives so many local businesses around our region. EHL have partnered with Rivet on projects over many years and again they have done a brilliant job on this niche project.

The Juno team have also built-in a system to harvest and store rainwater for the cooling condenser and incorporated design aspects to prevent (and recover) any heat loss during the distillation.

All bottle labels are also printed with organic inks and are recyclable.

EHL Group applaud and recognise the approach of Jo and Dave at Juno in supporting their local suppliers and region to produce a world class product which many of us here at EHL Group enjoy.

To offer complete, fit for purpose, and sustainable solutions to our clients is at the core of EHL Groups business and this can involve taking a collaborative approach to meeting these desired outcomes. Working in a region, supporting local business and people, enhances growth for all concerned leading to wider positive outcomes no matter where you are based.

EHL Group have offices and workshops in New Zealand and Australia with our prime sites being New Plymouth (Taranaki), Auckland (NZ), Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) and Hobart (Tasmania, Australia)


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