Getting Creative in Engineering New Zealand fashion

EHL Design and Fabrication team often step outside the norm and create solutions for any situation.

Designed and Made By: Murray Pierce of Projects & Engineering, EHL (NZ).
Recently Taranaki (NZ) hosted its annual fashion art awards where Taranaki’s local designers put their thinking caps on and got creative.
This year’s entry was an outfit into the Pacifica open category. Inspired by “Victoria Secret Angels” and the love of New Zealand.
The brief this year was ‘any medium mimicking ethnicity of any kind using imagination’.
The garment is made of mostly aluminium and creates an impressive statement that promotes NZ by utilising key symbols and styles indicative of New Zealand. This is further enhanced by the wings being mechanically functional, moving up and down with an electric actuator battery powered remote control to create a combination of movement, colour, reflection, and style which wowed the Judges and audience alike.
Modeled by: Courtney Pierce.
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