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EHL Group work with local and international specialists to combine research, design and production from across the world, delivering bespoke air, nitrogen, and oxygen cryocooling and liquification solutions to all our clients.



A cryocooling system is a mechanical device utilizing a refrigeration cycle, designed to cool an item to a temperature so low that ordinary gases become liquid.

Whilst many variations of cryocoolers are available, few systems can provide industrialized functionality. Our systems require very low maintenance and have the ability to run in harsh environments with no degradation to cooling performance over the life of the unit. This ensures continuous operation extending beyond 50,000 hours.



EHL have three key sizings of cryocooling liquefiers available for commercial applications.

The benefits of the ruggedness and mechanical simplicity of the dual diaphragm pressure wave generator, integrated with the lack of moving parts of the large linear pulse tubes, combine to deliver a cryocooler ideally suited to the liquefaction and re-liquefaction of gases in industrial environments. It is particularly well suited to applications such as refrigeration of LIN for large HTS systems, LNG, liquid air, LOX and Hydrogen.

The cryocooling systems are modular so can be sized to the client’s specific needs, with the added advantage of being upgradable at a later stage to a larger size



Our systems are adaptable and can be built to your bespoke requirements. We work with many industries and provide a diverse range of solutions.


Liquid Air
Industries that have relied on the older technology of compressed air tanks can now take advantage of the benefits of liquid air systems. Previously liquid air needed to be mixed on-site as there was no solution for on-site production, or reliable delivery of bottled liquid air. Our technology enables the safe zero-loss production of on-site liquid air. When coupled with CLSS breathing apparatus, operators can benefit from significant advantages:
  • High density (728:1), smaller units compared to compressed air systems
  • Two times the density of compressed air, resulting in extended operating times
  • Low operating pressures (70–125 PSI) compared to compressed air
  • Significant safety benefits
  • Heat stress mitigation by utilizing cooling from heat exchanger to reduce body heat
Liquid Oxygen
When operating in remote or challenging locations the ability to produce medical grade oxygen is a luxury. The cryocooling system technology ensures zero degradation of liquid output purity, and can be deployed with start up to liquid production time of less than 15 minutes.
  • Aviation breathing oxygen
  • Medical breathing oxygen
  • Welding and cutting
  • Recharging cylinders
Liquid Nitrogen
Having on-site liquid nitrogen production enables the ability to store high volumes of nitrogen in a compact liquid form. Simply re-introduce the liquid at ambient temperature to return to a gas for use. For medical and fertility applications the ability to generate liquid nitrogen and store or transport it as you require is under your control. The cost to produce the liquid utilizing a cryocooling system is significantly less than the commercial cost of the delivered liquid.
  • Cryogenic health treatments
  • Fertility freezing
  • Blood sample freezing
  • Bulk storage for re-gasing:
    • Landing gear struts
    • Recharging cylinders
    • Aircraft and automotive tire inflation
    • High pressure missile tube recharge
    • Wheel and brake repair facility
  • Inert explosive vapors within fuel tanks
  • Sterilization and purging of wine bottles
  • Emergency power unit purge and test (F-16)
  • Optical device enclosures and dome lanterns
  • Industrial gas ‘on-site’ supply (stored as a liquid)



As superconducting applications are deployed into the field, users will have the same functional expectations as their other system – reliability, no degradation in performance, on-site low-tech servicing, and long run times between maintenance intervals. The cryocooling systems have been designed to fully meet these expectations of performance and functionality.
  • Small to large volume LN2 production and reliquification
  • Multi-staged cryocooling solution (multiple units connected for redundancy proofing)
  • Long run, low maintenance, industrialized solution
  • Used in power systems, cable, busbars, motors and generators
Increasing global regulations on methane emissions demand a mobile, rugged re-liquifying solution. The AFCryo products have been designed to be compatible with industry requirements.
  • Reliquification of methane boil-off during marine transportation
  • Maintenance cooling for distribution tanks
  • Scalability of units
  • 3kW to 15kW packages


Remote and often irregular demand for liquid nitrogen can be catered for with an on-site nitrogen liquefier. Integrating world leading gas separation units with the cryocoolers ensures we can size the unit to your requirements.
  • Biosecurity and disease prevention utilizing biological testing
  • Disease surveillance
  • Equine care
  • Herd management utilizing fertility freezing of semen
  • Ideal for remote locations where regular supply is difficult, costly or unreliable
On-site production of liquid nitrogen removes the concern of supply reliability when working with high value products such as semen. A fully automated system that continuously supplies product means you can stay focused on your work, whilst leaving the supply of essential cryogens to your automated system.
  • Fertility clinics maintaining sperm and embryo storage – mitigating the risks around system failures, such as refrigeration securities in the preservation of valuable sperm and embryo samples.
  • The demand for cryocooling agents such as liquid nitrogen is a crucial component to IVF treatment.
  • Remote location on site supply of cryogen.

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