EHL’S AZURA Ocean Wave Energy System update


A sneak peek of the evolution of the AZURA Wave Energy units from EHL Group – The Extra Edge. Development continues on the the 250kW – 500kW versions now with the ability to additionally produce up to 250kl of potable water per day.

EHL Group CEO Peter Jannings said the device could also be used as a desalinator which would use wave energy to pump fresh water ashore in conjunction with its core function of power generation. Permutations have been designed combining both power and water production or units that provide one or the other at various capacities.

“So imagine a device sitting offshore continuously providing you with fresh drinking water with no having to fill up the diesel tank all the time or a power bill coming in so it’s just pumping that water in.”

Mr Jannings said the fresh water would be created by forcing sea water through a special membrane at high pressure.

The device had a huge future particularly in the Asia / PacificĀ  Region where islands are threatened by sea level rise and changing weather patterns, according to Mr Jannings.

“There’s a lot of places looking for drinking water, irrigation for crops, water for their livestock, and wide utility use. The world needs water.

With limited local investment and support due to the focus on solar and wind, this more efficient and versatile technology runs the risk of going offshore (literally). With most solar and wind systems primarily produced overseas, EHL hopes to produce / manufacture these systems and retain IP locally in New Zealand and Australia. We hope to expand our manufacturing locally, creating employment, upskilling and ensuring community integration to extend the benefits of this technology as against other fully imported solutions.

Local Company, Local Manufacturing Jobs, supporting Local Communities with a leading-edge Renewable Energy System.


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