2016 Jet Sprints and Undie 500(?)

2016 Jet Sprints and Undie 500(?)

Last Saturday saw the running of the 2016 Jet Sprints in Taranaki. EHL Group (including our New Plymouth ENZED Taranaki team and Hose Doctors) were major supporters for the event which saw a large turnout of both the EHL team and clients for a great day of fun, food, and laughs.

The day started under a beautiful blue Taranaki sky, but this soon deteriorated to heavy rain. This didn’t deter the loyal fans who continued to enjoy the day long after the full race card was abandoned due to the poor weather.

The highlight of the day was the running of the 2016 Undie 500. The picture can do all the talking and we have deliberately made it blurry to protect (or limit the embarrassment of) the participants. EHL’s very own Kahl Osborne participated and did well in the cold and wet conditions generating a lot of laughs and ribbing from the assembled crowd. Well done Kahl!!

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We supply world-class fluid connection and motion control technology. Our products are the best available and are developed using all the latest technology. As part of the global Parker Hannifin network, the research and development of our products gives us relevant and up-to-date solutions to meet our customers needs that is unsurpassed anywhere else.


Our professional HOSE DOCTOR team have learnt their skills from world leaders in the fluid connection and motion control business, so our customers get the very best. The best service, best products and all available locally. Taranaki ENZED offer the full coverage and service of 5 dedicated and experienced HOSE Doctors available 24/7.

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Our technical team will evaluate your fluid connectors as a part of the Genuine Parker Parts Program for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) suppliers. This program is unique and means we will work alongside engineers from your organisation to design the most effective motion-control solution and maintenance for your system. Our technical experts then train your staff to maintain and repair the system themselves.

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