Quick Deployment Maritime Maintenance team - EHL Group
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Quick Deployment Maritime Maintenance team

Quick Deployment Maritime Maintenance team

EHL Group have an experienced, dedicated Maritime Service Team available for deployment to provide Programmed Maintenance or Breakdown assistance throughout Australia, New Zealand and Oceania for hydraulics, pneumatics, air and general mechanical requirements on most Commercial, Private and Naval vessels. Coupled with Maritime project and design capabilities, EHL Group offer a single source solution.

Experienced Maritime engineering, design and installation teams ( BOSIET rated technicians)

  • Automation, Electrical and Control systems
  • Maritime Shell and Sea doors
  • Remote Control and Remote User units
  • Davit and Crane hydraulic system design, manufacture, overhaul and upgrades
  • Hydraulic system oil / fluid monitoring (on or offline) with onsite filtration and treatment
  • Hydraulic cylinder servicing, supply and installation
  • Automated or Manual Gangway / Accommodation Ladder Systems – Fully / partially retractable, non-telescopic, custom designs, versatile placement
  • Load / Offload / Shipboard Stabilization Systems
  • Landing Craft Deployment Line Tensioning Systems
  • Hydraulic Systems / Centralised Hydraulic Power Units
  • Hydraulic system overhaul and maintenance
  • Specialised Compressed Air / Medical / Breathing + cylinder filling stations
  • Localised Oxygen (Medical Grade) and Nitrogen systems
  • Offshore technical support – BOSIET rated technicians
  • Electrical and Control Systems
  • Remote Control Systems and Remote User Units
  • Engineering Design, Installation, Service Technical Staff


Benefits of EHL Accommodation Ladders

  •  Innovative / Customised / Safe / Compact / Flexible
  • Non-telescopic / Versatile Deployment / Quick to deploy
  • Functional and easy to operate / Robust

  LOAD / OFFLOAD STABILISATION SYSTEMS (Landing craft, Freight, etc)

  • Minimises safety risk to crew, cargo, and vessel
  • Allows stabilisation of cargo or equipment being moved around vessel or on/offload


Maritime Hydraulic systems (EHL offer the full design and fabrication service with systems made in house including all HPU’s, hoses, manifolds, cylinders, etc)

Compressed air systems (LP – UHP, covering all required grades to meet ISO8573-1:2010 standards for applications)

Oxygen generation systems(Liquid and Gaseous) – Commercial and Medical grade

Nitrogen generation systems(Liquid and Gaseous) – inerting of bunkers, cylinder filling stations, aircraft tyre and strut replenishment systems, etc

Contact: solutions@ehlsolutions.nz.w3pcloud.com